Open Fiber, Starace’s melina. And Tim pays the price: -7% on the stock market

For three days the single network has returned to the center of the Italian political agenda. Luckily, one might say, because thinking of competing with other countries in terms of digitization if you have the second slowest connection in Europe becomes complicated. The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti he returned to shelling against private individuals, declaring that the executive is not opposed to the single network, but no longer tolerates delays in the project. He does so, not surprisingly, at the end of the meeting with the French economy minister Bruno the Mayor, one of the staunchest supporters of Recovery Plan European.

The CEO of Enel Francesco Starace

Italy must put itself on its stomach to fill a gap infrastructural that it has accumulated over the years with other European nations. But he has to decide once and for all which horse to bet on.

Yesterday it was said that the winning single network model could be similar to Inwit, with many different operators who, in the gray areas (at the moment) and in the white ones (as soon as possible) create a virtuous circle.

Not for nothing, it seems established that the state can put their wallet directly with a investment of approximately 200 million – at least – to begin the wiring operations of the most backward areas of the country. Moreover, the joining of forces would make it possible to create an effective single infrastructure: in some parts of Italy, for example, it would be interesting in the meantime to bring technology Times (a kind of more robust ADSL) at a speed of at least 100 Mbit/sec. This happens, but not by all operators and not in a homogeneous way.

On the other hand, the role of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti as a “conductor”. Confirmation of Fabrizio Palermo in Via Goito, from this point of view, it would be an appointment in the name of continuity on this too dossier considered strategic. Not to mention that in the three years at the helm of the Cassa, the manager made decisions in line with the vision of the Draghi government – above all, the renunciation of entering the game Alitalia – and it would be therefore a half surprise not to find it in its place after March 31st.

So who is Giorgetti rushing to? To the other half of Open Fiber, that is Enel. Which, in the meantime, however, has taken further time. The CEO of the company, Francesco Starace, in presenting the 2020 results to analysts – among other things, extremely commendable results – he announced one termination of Enel’s investment in OF, but also took like time frame the whole of 2021. Luigi Gubitosi for some time he had begun to show the discontent of Tim for this reason I keep postponing a decision that should instead be taken for granted. And in fact today the ex-Sip, after three weeks of constant growth, is dealing with heavy sales that have weighed on the title with losses greater than 7%.

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