Open letter to the country – new care base sparks discussions

Open letter to the country – new care base sparks discussions

2023-09-26 08:58:27

In an open letter, the ÖVP Wimpassing criticizes the location of the state’s planned care base. This is unfavorable and leads to further soil sealing.

A total of 71 care bases are to be built across the country. One of them in Wimpassing. The choice of location is now causing debate. The ÖVP has written an open letter to the state governor, the state councilor for social affairs and the mayor in which they warn of negative consequences. “We are happy that the base is coming to Wimpassing, but everyone is throwing their hands together when it comes to the location,” says ÖVP deputy mayor Thomas Menitz. Noise and light from sports fields Not only is there additional soil sealing, the base is also too far from the center and lies between two sports fields. We train and play on these almost every day during the season. “Conflicts are inevitable,” says Menitz. Before the local council decides anything, all facts must be put on the table and alternatives must be considered. “A lot of hot air” SPÖ Mayor Ernst Edelmann reacts angrily to the letter: “A lot of hot air.” Other places would be happy if they had one would get a care base. Several properties in the community were considered, but there were only a few that were of the necessary size. The area is only a two-minute walk from the post office and library, five minutes from the local supplier. Care and living Day care and 24-hour care will be available on a 4,000 square meter area; only around 300 square meters would actually be built. Affordable living is planned for the second, 2,000 square meter part. Edelmann is not worried that there will be conflicts with the sports clubs. “There will probably be a few more visitors to the sports field.” The fact that there are no details yet is because the planning is only at the beginning. The residents should definitely be involved. Offer on the doorstep The state emphasizes that the bases want to offer needs-oriented care on the doorstep, which would benefit those in need of care in the region. The base will be designed to be open so that the population can visit the clients. The local council decides that in order for the planning to begin, the community must first agree to sell the property, said Edelmann. This option contract is to be decided by the local council tomorrow, Wednesday. The ÖVP is still keeping a low profile as to whether it will support this.
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