open! PSU Trat reveals that French tourists are not ill with smallpox but waiting for confirmation from Chulalongkorn Hospital again

open! PSU Trat reveals that French tourists are not ill with smallpox but waiting for confirmation from Chulalongkorn Hospital again

On August 7, Mr. Surachai Jeamkul, Deputy Doctor of Public Health, Trat Province, as a spokesman for Trat Province, revealed the progress of the case of French tourists. (First announced that it was a German) from the investigation of the disease and bringing the blood results to the Department of Medical Sciences. and at the Clinical Emerging Disease Center Chulalongkorn Hospital The Thai Red Cross Society went on August 5, 2022. It appears that the results from the Medical Science Center confirmed that Smallpox was not found in the French tourist, however, will have to wait for confirmation from the Clinical Emerging Disease Center. Chulalongkorn Hospital The Thai Red Cross Society that will take effect tomorrow (August 8, 2022). In the past, this tourist has been in the country for a long time and has traveled to many provinces such as Phuket, Pattaya and Trat.

Mr. Surachai said This tourist is currently in the quarantine room of Trat Hospital. with close supervision of doctors and nurses From the investigation of the disease, it was found that on August 5, 2022 at 10:08 p.m., a 32-year-old male French tourist received treatment.

with clear blisters on the genitals Provide a history of having had sex with a stranger a few times and a history of receiving treatment for herpes in the past 1 month. (Unknown service) His symptoms did not improve, so he was admitted to Bangkok Trat Hospital. at that time This tourist has a history of traveling to Thailand at Koh Chang District for 7 months at present, Bangkok Trat Hospital have forwarded such tourists Received care at Trat Hospital which from the history taking and disease investigation fits the definition of chickenpox

The tourist is in the care and investigation of the disease by the Trat Provincial Public Health Office and Trat Hospital. If there is progress, it will be announced on August 8, 2022, asking the people of Trat province not to panic, but rather to be aware and follow the news as the public health recommends. Advice for people due to smallpox. Can be transmitted through direct contact with the wound or the patient’s respiratory secretions or touching objects contaminated with secretions, such as clothing, pillowcases or bedding. But such infections are not easily contagious. Can be contacted through very close contact. Therefore, be more careful and reduce close contact with strangers to reduce the risk of contracting smallpox. And it’s also a protection against other sexually transmitted infections.


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