Open world multiplayer cooperation survival to build your Lilliputian “Smallland” is coming to Steam – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

Open world multiplayer cooperation survival to build your Lilliputian “Smallland” is coming to Steam – Hong Kong Mobile Game Network

“Smalland: Survive the Wilds” is a multiplayer cooperative survival game with the theme of “Lilliputian”. Players play the role of small people who are at the bottom of the food chain and cooperate to survive in a vast and dangerous world , forge weapons and armor, tame and ride creatures, build camps, and explore a strange new land.

Explore the vast “Lilliputian”

Traverse puddles the size of lakes, climb trees the size of skyscrapers, and navigate potholed cracks in the road as you experience a massive open world through new eyes. Come and explore lush forests, treacherous swamps, and strange ruins from an ancient time. Learn legends and lore from hidden NPCs scattered around the world, and learn how to survive in this vast wilderness.

Taming and Riding Creatures

Discover recipes that allow you to tame and ride many animals. Jump vigorously on the back of a grasshopper, gallop on a damselfly, and sprint around on a spider. The world and its inhabitants are waiting for you to conquer.

survive together

Play with friends in multiplayer mode, supporting up to 10 players. Explore together, fight together, build together, and work together to survive the wilderness. Those who prefer to fight with other players can also switch to PvP mode in the host.

Build a camp on the ground or among trees

Search or refine resources to build your camp out of different tiers of materials, from leaves and twigs to solid rock. Choose your favorite location in the game world, then build or climb trees and build your own settlement on top.

Forge powerful armor sets

Collect powerful armor that provides resistances and various abilities, and mix with each other to personalize your appearance. Wear winged armor to glide through the air, use a grappling hook to swing from tree to tree, and more.

survive in the wilderness

Most of the creatures you encounter will assume that you are lower on the food chain—you are the delicious piece of meat for ants, cockroaches, beetles, wasps, and spiders. The weather conditions and seasons change a lot. If you want to survive, you’d better be fully prepared.



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