Opera browser adds ChatGPT-based AI tool

Opera browser adds ChatGPT-based AI tool

Opera decided to add a tool based on its artificial intelligence bot, ChatGPT, to its browser’s sidebar, which produces brief summaries of web pages and articles.

The new feature is called “shorten” or “shorten”, and it’s part of the company’s broader plans to integrate artificial intelligence tools into its browser, similar to what Microsoft is doing with its Edge browser.

And Opera explained in a demo included in a post on her blog, that you can activate the feature by selecting the “shortcut” button to the right of the address bar, according to the “The Verge” technical website.

From there, a sidebar with a ChatGPT bot will pop out from the left, which will then generate a neat bulleted summary of the article or webpage you’re looking at.

Opera’s announcement comes just days after Microsoft unveiled the new version of its AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser.

Google also showed off its AI search bot Bard earlier this week, though it’s not available to users yet.

“We’re excited to see the rapid spread of developer software for solutions like Google Bard, and we start building and rolling out new web browsing experiences that not long ago seemed impossible to achieve,” Opera said in a statement.

Opera is also working on other AI-powered features that augment the browsing experience and plans to add popular AI-generated content services to the sidebar, though it’s not yet clear what that might entail.


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