Operation Antigen After Hanukkah: These are the decisions of the Corona Cabinet

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Corona cabinet ministers convened tonight (Tuesday) following the continuing rise in recent days in corona morbidity, and in the background the start of the children’s vaccination campaign. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asked the ministers to back up the children’s vaccines.

The discussion presented the state of the disease nationwide by the professionals in the Ministry of Health, and also prepared for the child vaccination campaign that began today. The ministers also discussed preparations for the Hanukkah holiday performances, following a discussion held earlier this week chaired by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health.

The main points of the decisions in the discussion

  • The Prime Minister instructed to continue to promote the national information campaign in order to increase the scope of immunization, and to target two main target audiences: children aged 5-11, and people who have not yet received the third vaccine, with an emphasis on adolescents.
  • Bennett instructed to promote another antigen operation in the education system after the Hanukkah holiday.
  • It was decided to extend the regulations implementing the green label outline and occupancy restrictions in closed spaces for another two weeks, subject to the approval of the Knesset’s Constitution Committee.
  • It was further decided that at this stage the existing situation will continue and no further easing or worsening of the corona guidelines is expected.

The head of the public health services, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, objected to the decision to launch an antigen test after Hanukkah: “We have not discovered many patients like this in previous times. It’s not sure it’s worth the resources. “

Elrei Price Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90

Bennett: “In Israel there is a disturbing trend of child morbidity”

At the beginning of the debate, the Prime Minister said: “There is a very severe wave of the Delta strain that has hit the world in Eastern Europe and now also in Western Europe. .

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Bennett said the Israeli government is well in control of the plague. “We took over the fourth wave without closing businesses, performing a general closure and without preventing studies, and we also created a set of tools that were not like surgeons and antigens to control morbidity.”

On the increase in morbidity, Bennett said: “Here in Israel there is a disturbing trend of childhood morbidity. In the area of ​​the difficult and respiratory, the numbers are good, but we know that morbidity also brings in serious patients later. .

The Prime Minister today accompanied his 9-year-old son David, who received his first vaccine. “We set out today with the pediatric vaccination campaign. There are about three million children in the world who have been vaccinated. It is very important that we give a boost to this move. There are currently no components of pressure through incentives or green characters. “Heart inflammation is higher in children with corona than in children with corona.”

(Bennett and his son David)

Do not rely solely on vaccines

Walla reported tonight that ahead of the meeting, the cabinet of experts sent recommendations to the corona cabinet ministers, according to which steps are needed to curb the disease trend already now, and regardless of whether the disease will continue to rise or even worsen in the near future.

In addition, the experts recommended not to rely on vaccines alone and in their view additional ways should be taken to curb the disease. Currently, the unvaccinated population includes 700,000 people who have not been vaccinated at all, 300,000 recovering, and another 1,200,000 children aged 11-5 who are eligible to be vaccinated as of today.

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Most of the new infections are not vaccinated, many of them children

Researchers at the Hebrew University, who are monitoring the state of corona disease in Israel, have published a report that will be presented at the cabinet meeting. The report shows that the increase in the coefficient of infection is due to an increase in the age groups up to the age of 40, when most of the new infections are not vaccinated, many of them children.

According to the researchers, the lack of data does not make it possible to analyze the root causes of the increased infection. Nevertheless, they say that there is a marked increase in infection among vaccinated adolescents, a figure that reinforces the need to administer the booster dose, the third dose of the corona vaccine. The researchers say that because the population in which the increase occurs is smaller than the total population – a third vaccine combination and a vaccine for children are expected to help more in curbing the increase in morbidity.

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