Operations in the heart of the terror capital: the undercovers speak

The day after the heavy exchange of fire in Jenin, the Kaan News team met with the fighters of the MGB’s undercover unit who operate around the clock in the heart of the terrorist capital of the current escalation, and heard from them about the face-to-face encounter with Palestinian militants, the constant risk, and the fear of being hurt.

“The activity in Jenin in the last year is complex, this is the most complex area in IOSH,” recounts the incident, Corporal R., commander of a platoon at the IOSH police station. “We enter a specific location where there are two wanted persons who we are supposed to arrest and as soon as we were exposed, and the area realized that we were there, shooting began. At first it was not accurate, then in light of what developed and the charges, everyone knew where we were. It became accurate shooting and all our forces return fire to those who recognize them.”

“When you get to Jenin,” said a soldier in the unit who participated in the operation, “you realize that it won’t end quietly. The first batch puts you in the mood and makes you sharp.”

Shortly after the fighters arrived at the house where the two wanted men were barricaded, a powerful bomb was fired against them, which was supposed to hit them. In the seconds that followed, the wanted persons tried to escape, while shooting from a distance of only five meters at the closing team under the command of Major Sh.

“During the initial closing stages, there was a very loud explosion, and right after that the two wanted men tried to run away, tried to harm the troops,” said Major R., “They tried to run away with the weapons. One of the fighters spotted them and opened fire, spotted them jumping and didn’t give them a chance to jump straight away.”

The two wanted men were killed yesterday in Jenin about half an hour after the arrival of the force, but the exit took more than three hours, when dozens of Palestinian gunmen arrived at the scene and fired hundreds of bullets

“We received massive fire,” testified one of the fighters in the unit, “and yesterday’s activity was under very high control, and the response was very high. The time it took was because we wanted to make it secure without unnecessary pressure. We closed access routes towards the force. We hit two armed men, there were more A company that was located in nearby houses that also secured the power, and all these things happen in an orderly manner. Order takes time.”

In the published documentation of this event, a Palestinian gunman, a member of the Palestinian apparatus, was shot to death in the head after trying to hit the fighters. The one who pulled the trigger was Sergeant N. the sniper, who didn’t hesitate for a moment: “Everything that is dangerous and I can hit, that’s the order of decision-making. The terrain is difficult, because of the daring of the other side. Fuel them hard and the youth there are ready to go to the edge.


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