“Operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system” advocates the extension of gas transit from the Russian Federation for the next 15 years

Serhiy Makogon, General Director of the Operator of the Gas Transportation System of Ukraine, believes that Kiev needs to seek an extension of the contract on the transit of Russian gas, without waiting for 2025. In his opinion, the agreement should now be extended for 15 years.

“We have no guarantees that the contract will be renewed. Therefore, we are negotiating with the governments of the United States and Germany regarding the provision of such guarantees. And we believe that the most significant guarantee is the renewal or continuation of the existing agreement now, without waiting for 2025, for the next 15 years, ”said Mr. Makogon on the air of Ukraine 24 (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The head of the Ukrainian GTS Operator believes that the 100% occupancy rate of Nord Stream 2 will allow Russia to refuse transit. According to the head of the company, Moscow will not be able to refuse transit with a 50% occupancy rate. Earlier, a court in Germany did not exempt Nord Stream 2 from the EU gas directive, due to which Gazprom will be able to use only 50% of the pipeline’s capacity.

Sergei Makogon believes that Ukraine needs 10 years after the expiration of the agreement in 2024 to prepare “for new challenges, for the transportation of hydrogen and so on.” At the same time, gas transit should be 45-50 billion cubic meters annually.

About the discussion of Nord Stream 2 at the meeting of Vladimir Zelensky and Angela Merkel – in the material of Kommersant, “The Chancellor is not a hetman for you.”



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