Opo may launch a 240-watt phone this year

Last February, OPPO introduced the next generation of its ultra-fast charging technology, SuperVOOC, with support for an incredible power of up to 240 watts. During that announcement, Opo referred to the technology as a ‘prototype’ with no clear launch date. According to recent reports, however, Opo may be preparing for a real surprise.

The claim is that the first device that supports SuperVOOC will be launched later this year. Some competitors, including Realme and Xiaomi, have already introduced charging at up to 150 watts, but a rate of 240 watts will set new standards in the field.

In practice, this means a full charge of a device with a battery with a fairly average capacity of 4,500 mAh in nine minutes. Other companies in the BBK group, to which Opo belongs, may also launch technology-based devices, with the iQOO sub-brand being the first with a phone that supports a charging power of up to 200 watts.

Charging at such a rate should have an impact on battery life, some manufacturers, who have already published information on the subject, claim that the damage will not be more severe than that experienced by cellular users today, at much slower charging rates.


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