Opor Rossii told about an increase in the number of self-employed by 1 million

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The restrictions introduced in Russia against the spread of coronavirus caused a decrease in the number of economic entities, while the number of self-employed increased by 1 million, Alexander Kalinin, president of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses “Support of Russia”, told reporters.

According to Kalinin, the number of economic entities decreased by about 200,000 in a year and a half, employment decreased by 700,000.

“Many have gone self-employed (…) now there are 3.3 million people. This year alone, there are more than 1 million more self-employed people, ”said the president of Opora Rossii (quoted by Interfax).

Kalinin called the system of QR codes “salvation from lockdowns”, and he considered the decision of the State Duma to send the bill for public discussion reasonable. The public organization intends to prepare its position taking into account the views of the business community.

Earlier, Kalinin, who is now working in the Amur Region, said that it is possible to stop the decline in entrepreneurs’ incomes due to the introduction of the QR code system by canceling some of the other types of restrictions.

The head of Opora Rossii discussed business support measures with the Governor of the Amur Region, and Kalinin, together with the Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Krasnov, met with entrepreneurs of the region.


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