Oppo presents the new Find X3, with the ‘Pro’ photographs and 1 billion color display

Rome, 12 March (time.news)

A new series of smartphones to take the direction already marked by Oppo in Italy. The family was presented globally today Find X3 of the Chinese brand, consisting of three models, one of which, the Pro, which represents one of the top devices on the market. And just as the name of the phone says, ‘Find X’, Oppo in our country is finding the way because the January data show, Isabella Lazzini, chief marketing officer of the brand in Italy, tells time.news, “an annual growth of 250% in volume”, while throughout 2020 “the increase was 401%“In short, he continues,” the brand is growing, there is the feeling of a car that is accelerating and that this year will see an important boost “. For the Italian market, explains Lazzini,”we have a clear ambition: to be on the podium. Today we are fourth – he specifies – and this is already indicative. We have reached one million smartphones sold in just over two years “.

There is also room for growth, because as Lazzini herself points out, “the context in Italy is that of one in two Italians who do not know us. We foresee important investments to make the brand known. Worldwide we will renew important partnerships with Wimbledon and Roland Garros, in Italy with Serie A. In addition we will make others that will be the subject of an announcement shortly, to make ourselves known also in a segment that is particularly close to my heart, that of young people. We are working day and night to make the brand and the exceptional quality of the products known “.

Top model has 60x microscope lens

As for the new Find X3 series, the Pro “it has a premise, that of giving those who use it the rediscovery of color”, continues Lazzini. “It does this through the photographic sector and the display. The 10-bit technology that has been used involves the management of over 1 billion colors. At 8 bit, 16.2 million are managed, so the gap is important. This rediscovery of color – explains Oppo Italia’s CMO – takes place through technologies that allow not only to capture color in all its facets, but also to have a display that then allows you to return them. 10-bit image capture makes the phone comparable to a professional camera“.

Another peculiarity of the top-of-the-range smartphone, in addition to the design that merges the cameras seamlessly into the rear body, is to have a lens dedicated to the function microscope, capable of magnifying dozens of times exactly like the apparatus. On this side, says Lazzini, “the fields of exploration today are many. It can potentially have applications in other industries. We are, for example, in a context of evolution of telemedicine and of the doctor-patient relationship. Such a room could have an application in this sense. At the moment we are in a playful context, but even without giving a precise location, this can be an idea “.

The photographic sector of the Pro is thus composed of four rear cameras: in addition to the 3 megapixel lens for the microscope 60x, there are two 50 mp wide and ultrawide sensors produced by Sony (Imx 766), and a 13 mp tele that allows a 2x optical, 5x hybrid and 20x digital zoom. As for performance, everything is entrusted to the new and powerful model X3 Pro Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, flanked by a 4500 mAh battery and, of course, 5G connectivity. The display is a 6.7 ” amoled, 12 gigabytes are of Ram and 256 of internal memory. “The processor offers high-level performance. The battery allows a long autonomy. We are also proud of our SuperVooc fast charging technology. In short, it is a top machine”, remarks Lazzini.

Other Neo and Lite models make up the family

The other two models that make up the family are the Find X3 Neo and the Find X3 Lite. The first is another high-end phone: 6.55 ” oled display, four rear cameras of which the main one is the same as the Pro model (50 mp with Sony Imx 766 sensor), while the others are an ultrawide from 16 mp, a 13 mp tele. Instead of the microscope lens, however, there is a 2 mp macro lens. The processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, the ram is 12 gigabytes and the internal memory of 256. Also this model has a 4500 mAh battery, able to guarantee a good autonomy.

The other model of the family, the Find X3 Lite, is of the medium-high range: 6.4 ” oled display, always four rear cameras with 64 mp main sensor, 8 mp ultra wide, 2 mp macro and 2 mp mono. In this case, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, which has now become the most popular in the range where the Lite is placed, will make everything work. Finally, there are 8 gigs of Ram, 128 gigs of internal memory. The battery is slightly less capacious than the other two models, equal to 4300 mAh, but given the processor used it will guarantee a similar duration, if not higher, than the other two.

Oppo has decided, for the launch, to apply a very aggressive policy on the market. For those who purchase the Find X3 Pro model by April 30, they will receive the brand’s ecosystem as a gift: Oppo Watch, AirVooc charging system, a Kevlar cover and the Oppo Care guarantee. The complete package has a total value of 449 euros, while the smartphone will cost 1149 euros. In the eventuality of the purchase, however, of the Find X3 Neo model, for those who will take it by April 30th, the Oppo Watch and earphones will be given a tribute, for a value of 349 euros compared to the cost of the smartphone of 799 EUR. Finally, the promotion scheduled by April 30 for those who buy a Find X3 Lite includes the homage of Oppo’s top-of-the-range headphones, the Enco, for a value of 179 euros on a phone price of 499 euros.


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