“Opposing the State of All Its Citizens”: Rabbis of Religious Zionism Against the Government of Israel

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The elders of religious Zionism and yeshivot leaders, including Rabbi Chaim Druckman and Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, today (Wednesday) called for protests against “the attempt to make the State of Israel the state of all its citizens,” according to them.

A letter from the rabbis stated that “We have returned to Israel because we want a Jewish state and not a state of all its citizens. Now the government is promoting a series of laws that endanger the state and change its identity, the people of Israel revolt against this attempt. We call on the public to unite and protest against the state To the state of all its citizens. “

It will be recalled that next week a protest rally will be held at the Habima Theater in Tel Aviv, led by the National Struggle Headquarters in cooperation with the Red Line protest movement. The organizers stated: “Most of the people of Israel are not interested in this government and its moves, it is a very small part that took over the country by improper means while lying and deceiving, the entire public unites against the government, the religious Zionist community and others in Israel. We thank the rabbis and the public. The broad that stands by us. “


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