OPS பராக் … தொண்டர்கள் மனநிலை அறிய மதுரை பயணம் – O Panneerselvam travel to Madurai to know AIADMK’s cadres pulse

Arriving in Madurai, he met reporters at the OPS airport. OBS then said that more volunteers than MGR and Jayalalithaa were on my side.

As the sole leader of the AIADMK, EPS has been working with a definite plan and has traveled to Madurai to know the mood of the volunteers to formulate OPS strategies.

The AIADMK has been in a hurricane since June 14 with a single leadership speech. The general assembly took place in great splendor. In the matter of single leadership, the conflict between the OPS and the EPS is culminating every day. EPS’s hands are raised on the issue of single leadership.

AIADMK general body meeting is scheduled to be held again on July 11. EPS supporters have been vocal in their support for the PML-N.

Meanwhile, OBS supporter and party spokesperson Kovai Selvaraj said that O. Panneer Selvam would be touring across Tamil Nadu to protect the AIADMK.

Meanwhile, AIADMK senior leader and EPS supporter and former minister D Jayakumar said the AIADMK would never accept the intervention of the third party BJP in internal affairs.

Speaking to reporters at the OPS residence in Chennai, Chennai, former MLA and OPS supporter Kovai K. Selvaraj accused the EPS group of trying to run the AIADMK like a ‘company’ and destroy it. When 18 MLAs went in support of DTV Dhinakaran, 3 former ministers fell at the feet of the OPP to prevent the overthrow of the AIADMK regime in 2017. To save the AIADMK government, the OPS unconditionally merged its team with the EPS.

OPS was needed to save the regime for the day. Sasikala was needed to become the EPS chief. Now he wants to stab everyone else in the back and take over the party, ”Selvaraj said. Hundreds of executives and party members approached the leader after seeing some members throwing water bottles at the OPS. But Selvaraj said the OPS told them to be quiet.

Rejecting the EPS team’s claim that the dual leadership had expired, Selvaraj said the term of office-bearers and general body members elected in the by-elections was over. One of the 23 resolutions rejected by the General Assembly was to seek the approval of the General Assembly for their election. How can EPS announce Tamil son Hussein as their leader when his team is claiming that the tenure of Tamil son Hussein, who was co-coordinator, is over? Hussein’s election will not be valid, ”said Selvaraj, adding that Hussein’s announcement of a special general body approving the EPS leadership would not be valid.

How can people who are ignorant of political civilization, culture and involved in anarchy be harassed. The fact that the General Assembly will be held on July 11 is just a dream. The superpowers cannot be shaken by any force. OPS will tour across Tamil Nadu to protect the party. Palanisamy’s work will not be fruitful as long as there is OBS. No longer will he act boldly.

The party itself is led by the OPS. Therefore, during the OPS Delhi visit, there was no need to lodge a complaint with the Election Commission of India.

A case is pending in the court regarding the improper appointment of district secretaries. The posts of district secretaries elected in violation of the rules will be canceled soon.

He is scheduled to tour all the districts in Tamil Nadu from May 5 to meet the volunteers. OPS going to each district. He is also expected to meet former MLAs, former ministers, district secretaries, union secretaries and the general public.

It has been reported that O. Panneerselvam’s tour will start on the 5th and will last for a month. The tour of the OBS seems to have many new twists and turns in political history.

Following this, he went to Madurai today to know the mood of the OPS AIADMK volunteers and from there to his home in Theni. He will hold consultations with his supporters in Theni.

He met reporters at the OPS airport in Madurai at this stage. Then OBS said that more than the lives of MGR and Jayalalithaa, the volunteers are on my side.

Jayalalithaa said by the people, I am for the people. As it is, I am for the volunteers and I will always be with the volunteers. MGR and Jayalalithaa led the movement as a humanitarian movement. He was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 30 years with the love and support of the people of Tamil Nadu.

My political future will be decided by the volunteers and the people. The people will give them good judgment and punishment as soon as possible as to who broke the conspiracy web in the AIADMK. Soon all problems will be solved. The OBS said it knew who was causing the problem.

AIADMK volunteers welcomed the OPS in Madurai and Theni. The EPS image on his campaign vehicle was vandalized by OPS supporters. Volunteers welcoming the OPS in Madurai chanted slogans against the EPS.

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