OPS meets EPS? – Anything can happen

OPS meets EPS?  – Anything can happen


In Erode East Constituency by-election, the election field became lively as candidates from both sides like Edappadi Palaniswami and O. Panneerselvam were fielded.

This bota competition announcement created a situation where the ‘double leaf symbol’ was paralysed. In this situation Tamil Nadu BJP The two persons in charge, CD Ravi and State President Annamalai, acted as peace messengers between Edappadi Palaniswami and O. Panneerselvam.

They, A.D.M.K. This by-election should be faced with unity. They expressed their wish to 2 people that the ‘double leaf’ symbol should not get into trouble.

In the midst of these peace talks, in the case filed by Edappadi Palaniswami asking for the ‘double leaf’ symbol, ‘ADMK. The Supreme Court gave an action verdict saying that the general body should be convened and the candidate should be selected. The verdict caused jubilation among O. Panneerselvam’s supporters.

A.D.M.K. I am ready to sign to stop the general candidate. O. Panneerselvam declared support for the candidate standing on the ‘double leaf’ symbol. But Edappadi Palaniswami was adamant that the candidate was the already announced Southern State. A.D.M.K. District-wise approval letters were received from the general committee members supporting Edappadi Palaniswami of the party that the candidate is Tennarasa.

These letters were sent to the ADMK in Rayapetta, Chennai through district leaders. It was handed over to Usain, the Tamil son of the party president at the head office.

This action of the Edappadi Palaniswami party shocked the O. Panneerselvam party. Regarding this, O. Panneerselvam expressed his condemnation and apprehension in the statement issued the day before yesterday, that ‘the ADMK’s general committee has failed to choose a candidate and its leader Tamil son Usain failed to act neutrally’.

In this situation ADMK ADMK kept the approval letters given by the party’s general committee members regarding the selection of candidates in a suitcase box. Its chairman, Tamil son Usain, and former law minister CV Shanmugam were flown from Chennai to Delhi. They submitted these letters to the Election Commission.

In this situation, O. Panneerselvam held a consultation with his supporters such as former Ministers Phanruthi Ramachandran, K. P. Krishnan, Vaithilingam, former MLA, J. C. D. Prabhakar and others at his residence in Green Lane, Chennai.

In this meeting it was decided to withdraw from Erode East by-election contest. In this, O. Panneerselvam’s side withdrew from the Erode East constituency by-election contest. Announced candidate withdrawn.

In this situation, OPS supporter K. P. Krishnan said in a press conference:-

Thanks Sengotian for praising OPS. We will engage in election campaign to win the double leaf symbol. We have no setbacks as the double leaf symbol is available to the EPS side. Let’s campaign to win the double leaf symbol. On the question of whether Panneer Selvam will meet Palaniswami, he said that anything could happen.


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