Optimistic markets in Europe, nervous sitting on Wall Street

by time news

Time.news – Nervous sitting for Wall Street, with investors’ focus entirely on Treasury yields. After climbing up to 1.613% (the third time above 1.6% in the last year), rates remained close to maximum levels: a key indicator, this, which for observers helps to understand whether the new 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package will help the global recovery or if it will cause a sort of “overheating” of the largest economy in the world and lead to a uncontrolled inflation.

Despite reassuring tones from US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen that President Joe Biden’s aid package will provide enough resources to fuel a U.S. economic recovery, the hypothesis of an excessive rise in the price curve worries investors. It was the Nasdaq that made the most of it.

Investors in technology stocks generally have to wait longer to recover their investments, because their bet is on the long-term impact of technologies. An unattractive scenario during times of inflation, where money today could be worth more than it will be worth tomorrow.

The feeling that with the new stimulus package, the American recovery will be stronger and will also drag the global one has instead put the turbo on the European markets which closed the session with a strong rise. Notably, Frankfurt flew over 3%, to 3.31%, while Paris and London gained 2.08% and 1.34% respectively. Well Milan with l’Ftse Mib a +3,12%.

After opening in mixed territory, the New York Stock Exchange thus continued with an uncertain trend only to then close with an increasingly wide gap between the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq. At the end of the session, the DJ advanced by 0.97% after a new intraday record at 32.148 points, and the Nasdaq goes down by 2.41%. The S&P 500 leaves 0.50% on the ground.


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