Oral vaccine for Covid-19: the turning point coming from Israel, test at the start

Oral coronavirus vaccine soon? “A revolution for the whole world”. According to the newspaper Jerusalem Post, Israel is set to become the first country to test an oral coronavirus vaccine. Oravax Medical is currently awaiting clearance from the Israeli Ministry of Health. The latter’s response is expected within a few weeks.

According to Nadav Kidron, head of the pharmaceutical company Oramed Pharmaceuticals, this coronavirus vaccine must first be tested on 24 volunteers who have not received any other vaccines. Half of this group will take one pill, the other half will take two. Next, we will look at how many antibodies are produced. Mr. Kidron sees all kinds of benefits in developing a vaccine that people can swallow.

For Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Rights Desk”, it would no longer be necessary to resort to professionals for the administration and the product could be distributed on a large scale. “People may even be able to get the vaccine at home.”

The company has already produced several thousand pills that can be used for research. According to Kidron, the goal is to prove that the concept is feasible. “I pray and I hope it will be successful. Imagine that people are vaccinated after we give them an oral vaccine, “says the senior official,” it would be a revolution for the whole world.


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