Orbán does not want to receive a delegation from the EU Parliament

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The aim of the MP’s visit is to examine the enforcement of the norms of the rule of law.

The Hungarian right-wing national prime minister Viktor met with an investigation delegation from the EU parliamentary committee for the protection of civil rights Orbán rejected, as the Hungarian online portal “nepszava.hu” reported on Tuesday, referring to sources in Brussels. The delegation will arrive in Budapest this week to find out about the enforcement of the rule of law in Hungary.

Orbán would “avoid the delegation, which primarily wants to find out about compliance with the norms of the rule of law,” wrote the online portal.

Several conversations

The MEPs are to be received by Justice Minister Judit Varga and Interior Minister Sándor Pintér. The seven-person delegation also meets with the Mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony, with members of parliament from the ruling Fidesz party and the opposition, with the leaders of the opposition parties, civil organizations and independent journalists close to the government.

The SPÖ MEP Bettina Vollath is part of the EU Parliament’s mission. “We want to find out what is happening with democracy, the rule of law, an independent judiciary and the media landscape in Hungary after more than ten years Orbán-Government “, she said in the run-up to the visit. Orbán himself would have made little substantial contribution to gaining knowledge in this matter. Democracy and the rule of law are in place. “The knowledge we have gained will form the basis for an official report and for further measures to defend European values ​​in Hungary,” said Vollath.

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