Orchestra della Toscana, six concerts in streaming in the name of Dante

March 19, 2021 – 10:03

From the Verdi Theater (and for the Easter event from Santa Croce) a series of streaming evenings between «Light and Darkness». Starring young conductors and renowned soloists
The start on March 25 with Daniele Rustioni. Focus on the twentieth century and contemporaneity

of Francesco Ermini Polacci

A few days of strategic stoppage, also for budgetary reasons, and now the Orchestra della Toscana rekindles the engines of its activity. Which will inevitably still be entrusted to streaming (on the YouTube channel and on the Facebook page of the Ort), but which – it must be said – is the only one, in the midst of sobbing programs, radio palliatives and fearful silences, to show constant and well-structured proposals throughout the entire Tuscan territory. In any case, contributions to musical institutions are guaranteed: it is an ethical choice whether to invest them in seriously rethinking the activity, necessarily in streaming, or whether to use them to settle the budgets.

The Ort therefore proposes six new concerts (from 25 March to 20 May, 9 pm), which in appealing once again to the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death develop under the title Light and Darkness: a path of contrasts, precisely between lights and shadows, which from the eighteenth century reaches the present day. A journey «in a Dante’s key, towards the light and that starts from the dark», they say from the Ort, and which we also like to think of as a musical journey of hope for all of us. And a journey that will proceed with young drumsticks, famous soloists and first absolute performances. It starts next Thursday, with Daniele Rustioni, the artistic director of the Ort, on the podium and Ilya Gringolts, a well-known violinist. A program that brings together the two twentieth-century faces of Prokof’ev, the restless one of the Concerto n. 2 for violin and the solar one of the “Classical” Symphony, written with Haydn in mind; and it is, not by chance, Haydn himself who concludes the evening, with Symphony n. 45 “Of the farewells”, very famous for the finale that stages what today we would call a trade union protest: the orchestras who leave one by one, just like the musicians of the time did, thanks to Haydn, claiming the holidays that Prince Esterhazy did not want grant him.

The focus on the twentieth century and contemporaneity is very interesting, which also enhance two talented first parts of the Ort: the clarinetist Marco Ortolani, interpreter of Light Cloud, Dark Cloud by Daniela Terranova (Ort commission) and of the jazz Concerto di Copland, conductor Jader Bignamini; bassoonist Paolo Carlini struggling with the hilarious Concerto di Rota and with Grand Guignol by Andrea Battistoni, the latter also on the podium for a nice program that also includes Casella and Menotti. The Seven Last Words of Haydn, conductor Rustioni and Giovanni Scifoni reciting voice of a new text by Davide Rondoni, then constitute the intense program of the Easter Concert; the only appointment to be held in the Cenacle of Santa Croce and not at Verdi, the Ort’s home for all the other concerts. Then there is the interesting combination of Beethoven and Novecento: Dalia Stasevska, making her debut with Ort, conducts the Fifth with Sibelius’s Violin Concerto, soloist Francesca Dego; Paolo Bartolameolli the bright seventh with the Concerto n. 1 for cello by Sostakovic, soloist Julian Steckel.

March 19, 2021 | 10:03

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