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Ecological animal husbandry is becoming more and more important in Germany. In the last ten years the number of companies has increased enormously.

Wiesbaden (dpa) – More and more farms in Germany keep their animals according to ecological principles. According to the agricultural census, there were 17,300 such farms last year, an increase of 41 percent since 2010.

The organic share of the total number of farms with animal husbandry rose from six to ten percent, according to the Federal Statistical Office.

The ecological farms are usually smaller than the conventional farms, which is reflected in the lower number of animals. Only eight percent of cattle and five percent of chickens in Germany are kept according to ecological criteria. With sheep and goats, the respective proportions are higher at 13 and 33 percent, but they are hardly significant because of the low number of animals. Organic pigs are not very common: not even one hundredth is allowed to grow up ecologically.

A total of 26,100 farms in Germany operate ecologically. That is an increase of 58 percent since 2010 and corresponds to around a tenth of all businesses.


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