Orsini: “Advance Ukraine disastrous news, leads to World War III”

“The Ukrainian army breaks through towards Kherson, it is disastrous news. It is disastrous news for everyone, we are on the road to World War III and nuclear war. On February 24”, when the Russian invasion started , “we had about ten roads ahead of us, only one led to nuclear war and we took just that”. This is the position of Professor Alessandro Orsini, guest of Cartabianca, on the developments of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“The catastrophe since February 24 has always worsened, there has never been a moment when the situation has improved”, says the professor of sociology of international terrorism. “The situation is simple: Putin, placed in a desperate condition, will almost certainly use tactical nuclear weapons,” he adds. “Now we think Putin is bluffing: he’s not joking,” says Orsini. “Does Putin still have unchanged support at home? My perception is that he enjoys broad consensus, the defeats are exacerbating Russian nationalist sentiment.” “Zelenksy has signed a decree to prevent Ukraine from negotiating with Russia as long as Putin is president: the one who doesn’t want the deal right now is Zelensky, I’m sure Putin wants the deal. Bolsonaro and Erdogan say so too”, he continues.


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