Ossola: “The Divine Comedy both for Italians as the nativity scene”

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twelve o’clock, March 6, 2021 – 19:40

Presenting the Danted, the scholar indicated in the miniatures of the parish priest Antonio Maria Esposito, Museodivino collection of Naples, an example for the celebrations

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Even on the celebrations of Danted Napoli has a primacy. In saying that Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” must be, for Italians, in every family, like the nativity scene, the president of the Committee for the celebrations of the seventh centenary of the death of the Supreme Poet, Carlo Ossola, professor of modern literature of the Neo-Latin Europe at the Collge de France in Paris, formerly full professor in Geneva, Padua and Turin, pointed to Divine Comedy by Antonio Maria Esposito, a tiny jewel of the twentieth century miniature, as a virtuous example. The 42 works in walnut shells in which a tender and tiny Dante, almost Little Red Riding Hood, transports us from the Dark Forest to the gates of Hell, and then through the Malebolgia, and then up, through the mountain of Purgatory, to the only work, very bright, dedicated to the third canticle, becomes a symbol of Dante’s celebrations.

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Ossola referred to the Neapolitan initiative during the video press conference for the presentation of the main initiatives of the events scheduled for the next Danted, established last year every 25 March by the Prime Minister. “I hope that, by the end of the year, the Ministry of Education will make a gift of a ‘Comedy’ for every schoolboy in our Republic”, said the academic of the Lincei Carlo Ossola.
… Dante, as Vico said – the scholar explained – poet absolutissimo, the breadth of applications for contributions and patronage received – over 500 – from Italy and the whole world confirms this. If there is an element that can summarize this collective awareness, in addition to the numerous conferences, exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, editorial and scholastic activities, this is: the committee financed the restoration and exhibition relocation of a small and precious museum in Naples, Museodivino, of almost a hundred plastic micro interpretations in walnut shells of the Comedy created in the last century by Don Antonio Esposito, who at the same time had set up as many micro nativity scenes in small shells, pods and walnut shells. Here, the Comedy must be for the Italians, in every family, like the nativity scene. This Neapolitan work of patience and devotion to art, to say it instead with the curator of the Museodivino-Same Collection (link) Silvia Corsi, is thus confirmed as an example of an approach to Dante’s work that unites learned and simple, young and old in an authentic cultural community.

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2021 is the international year dedicated to the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of Alighieri. Dante 2021 -700 years in the shell of a walnut an articulated project of activities for schools, conferences, video documentation and training courses of the Museodivino which has received the patronage of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, the city of Naples and the Department of Studies Humanities of the Federico II University.

March 6, 2021 | 19:40

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