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One study found a pessimistic scenario, which fans of space movies and science fiction stories may not like, as a group of astronomers concluded that the most optimistic scenario for communication between humans and other civilizations could take place after two thousand years, and in the worst case, within four hundred thousand years. . at least.

This research is abbreviated as Communication with Intelligent Civilizations Extraterrestrials (CETIs) and investigates the possibility of the existence of another intelligent life in the Earth’s galaxy – the Milky Way.

Unconfirmed estimates made in 2020 indicate that there are likely to be 36 possible points for this, and the study, conducted by the University of Nottingham, was based on calculations that include galactic star formations and the possibility of stars hosting Earth-like planets in their habitable regions, according to the newspaper “Mirror”.
And while its authors acknowledge that scientists can only speculate on the number of CETIs in the Milky Way until positive discoveries are made, models can still be created for “reasonable estimates of the rate of occurrence of such civilizations”.

Their paper looked at two trends, first, the number of potentially habitable terrestrial planets and how often life develops on these planets, and secondly at what stage of the host star’s evolution a habitable planet might be born to produce human life. .

Using a series of modeling scenarios based on these criteria, the researchers came up with both optimistic and pessimistic predictions of how long it would take for such civilizations to contact the human race.

Based on this, the study concluded that humans will have to wait about 2,000 years before starting to establish contact with aliens, and that this process, given the many possible points of life in our galaxy, may take 400,000 years before a possible contact process occurs.

The study, published in The Astrophysical Journal, argues that humans may never come into contact with aliens because factors such as population issues, nuclear annihilation, sudden climate change, rogue comets and environmental changes could lead to the extinction of humanity 400,000 years ago.

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