“Our film for Signora Fracci, an example for us”

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A film shot for “Signora Fracci” and made “for her”. So Alessandra Mastronardi, who plays the role of Carla Fracci in the film ‘Carla’, at the ‘premiere’ of the film dedicated to the great ballerina, directed by Emanuele Imbucci at the cinema on 8, 9 and 10 November and 5 December on Rai1.

“For me it is an immense honor – underlined the actress – to be on this stage, it is a great emotion, a punch in the stomach. The same emotion I felt while shooting here. I would simply like the film to speak, I would like them to speak to her. images, I would like them to talk about the emotions we tried to bring out of all our scenes. We put a lot of heart into it, there is a lot of love for the story of an artist, of an Italian excellence, especially of a very strong woman I think she has given an example to all of us every day. Dreams are wonderful but if you don’t work to get them they remain dreams. I would like to dedicate it to Mrs. Fracci, we did it for her. The last time I saw her was here, she had taken a very simple chair and put it there to the side to see our shots. I would like to imagine her, this evening, here with us, in that chair to see her life “.

A tribute to Carla Fracci which, now that the film is presented, corresponds to “a great emotion”. This is the feeling ‘confessed’ by the producer of the film ‘Carla’, Gloria Giorgianni. A film “made with her”, the result of a great collaboration with the family “which aims to be” a tribute to excellence, a tenacious and determined woman “.

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“It is a great thrill to be here at La Scala – said Giorgianni – with the room packed to pay a tribute to Carla Fracci, our film was made with her, it was made together with Maestro Melegatti. We are very proud to have worked with the whole family in a great collaboration. The last time we were on this stage we were shooting and she was here with us. I like to remember this phrase she said when we were having dinner backstage. said: ‘Do you know that this is the first time that I am on the stage of La Scala and I do not dance?’ This sentence struck me very much because I believe that the simplicity of this sentence contains all the strength and tenacity, determination and excellence of a woman who has gone through part of the history of Italy and the history of the city of Milan but who has a strong modernity, a strong contemporaneity that we have tried to render thanks to the interpretation of Alessandra and the direction of Emanuele Imbucci. I thank, in addition to the Lombardy region which was a fundamental partner who helped us, also the Municipality of Orvieto where we shot part of the film and Qmi, distributor of the film that will go to theaters “.

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