“Our own self-sabotage: Insights from MK Tali Gottlieb”

“Our own self-sabotage: Insights from MK Tali Gottlieb”

Tali Gottlieb, a member of the Likud party in the Knesset, has criticized Channel 13 news for interviewing people who praised the terrorist responsible for the promenade attack in Tel Aviv. She voiced her outrage and questioned the media’s priorities, stating that they should be covering the funeral of the IDF sisters instead. Gottlieb also condemned the anti-reform protestors and criticized the government for neglecting its duty in the security portfolio. She called for Netanyahu to intervene more in publicity matters and suggested denying the rights and citizenship of families of terrorists as punishment. In addition, Gottlieb accused former officials and President Hayut of orchestrating claims of dictatorship under the right-wing government.

Member of Knesset Tali Gottlieb of the Likud continues this morning (Monday) to attack the members of the Channel 13 news company after she claims they interviewed people who praised the terrorist who carried out the attack on the promenade in Tel Aviv.

“Yesterday I was interviewed by Channel 13 and I hear the interviewer talking to people from Kfar Qasim who tell her about the terrorist, what a good man he was and students from the school who tell what a good and smiling man he was,” Gottlieb said.

Gottlieb attacked on Gali Israel radio: “Do you understand the madness? Instead of covering the funeral of the two IDF sisters, they are dealing with a murderous terrorist. We are our own worst enemies.”

After a series of terrorist attacks, Gottlieb told Channel 7 yesterday that “the IDF is prepared for any scenario and to deal with any security challenge in any arena and I say this with complete responsibility.”

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“As you can see, the IDF responds in accordance with the instructions it receives from the Defense Cabinet. After missiles are fired at us, we return fire to very specific and serious targets that greatly weaken the power of the attackers.”

Gottlieb harshly criticizes the anti-reform demonstrators who continue to protest even today: “Since when did the practice of bringing out and speaking sera in the Land of Israel become a goal in itself? Our enemies are using intelligence on us, Hassan Nasrallah is laughing at us. Anyone who said that the right-wing government will lead to a dictatorship and in such a way is well timed and orchestrated, History will hold him accountable. Yes, I’m talking about President Hayut and the ombudsman and all kinds of former people who think they are somebody.”

Gottlieb also has a sharp criticism of the media channels: “Today I turn on Channel 13 and see that the entire interview is dealing with who was the killer from the boardwalk on Friday. The sovereign of the world, a terrorist, a murderer and that’s what Channel 13 is dealing with, dream and madness has been here for a long time.”

Gottlieb’s criticism led her to appeal to Prime Minister Netanyahu to intervene more in matters of publicity: “Let Netanyahu come out at a press conference every evening. The power he carries and will impress the people with such speeches is what will give the people of Israel the feeling that their leader and his ministers are doing what is right for the benefit of the State of Israel.”

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Regarding the claims from the right that the government, sitting as a right-wing government elected for the security portfolio, is neglecting its role, Gottlieb says: “There will always be dangers, we are surrounded by sadistic, primitive and violent enemies like none other. that we need to increase the element of deterrence and severely punish not only the terrorists but also the families of the terrorists. Deny the rights of the families of terrorists who will not receive any rights and lose their citizenship.”

“By the way,” adds Gottlieb, “don’t be surprised if I succeed in enacting such a law and the High Court immediately overturns it.”


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