“Our Vernaccia mentioned in Purgatory by the Supreme Poet”

“No explicit testimony other than the supreme Dante drank ours Vernaccia, but surely he knew and appreciated it so much that he cited it in XIV Canto del Purgatorio, among the ‘gluttons’, beloved by Pope Martin IV“This is what she proudly declared to time.news Irina Strozzi, president of the Consortium of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, representative of the last generation of the family that has been producing the historic white wine for over a thousand years.

“A white queen in a land of reds – he added – that we love declining to the feminine. A wine with a strong character, quality and refined, with its own identity capable of standing up to the comparison with important European whites. A small appellation rich in history. , an excellence of Tuscany, which resisted two world wars – recalled Irina Strozzi – Until the 1600s at the table of popes and princes, at the court of the Medici in Florence, but also of the Sforza in Milan, ‘taxed’ and exported also in France. After more than 1,000 years it has lost none of its strength and appeal “.

“As part of Dante’s celebrations – continued the president of the Consorzio della Vernaccia di San Gimignano – we are organizing some initiatives and on the table there are projects with the Municipality of Florence and San Giminiano.Dante’s itinerary that we are developing and developing and elaborating. But everything – concluded the young and passionate Irina Strozzi – will depend on the course of the pandemic “.


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