‘Our welfare system in support of women’

Rome, 8 March (time.news Health)

“Great appreciation for the words of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who today declared, among other things, that ‘the demographic decline and the shortage of female employment are among the most significant factors in the slowdown in economic growth'”, is was expressed by Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Farmindustria, who on the occasion of International Women’s Day does not hide his concern about the rate of denatality recorded in Italy in 2020.

According to Istat data, over 700 thousand people died in 2020, but fewer than 400 thousand children were born, the lowest figure ever reached in over 150 years of national unity. “Now we have to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. That is why it is necessary to immediately address an issue that could change the social structure – from the health system to the pension system – within a few decades. always at the center of political choices and seeing the common commitment of all. A commitment shared also by pharmaceutical companies – says Scaccabarozzi – which for their part have been offering their own contribution in this sense for years “.

“It is no coincidence, in fact – highlights the president of Farmindustria – that women are protagonists in the pharmaceutical industry and gender equality is already a reality: women represent 43% of the total number of employees (over 50% in Research ), while on the manufacturing average 29%. Many of them have top positions: among the middle managers and managers they are 42%, a further confirmation of the existing parity (on the manufacturing average the figure is 21%). percentage of women in our sector is growing further: out of total employment they are 48% and even more among middle managers and executives (53% of the total) “.

“Thanks to an innovative welfare system – concludes Scaccabarozzi – we offer concrete tools in support of women: longer maternity leave than the law and the National Collective Labor Agreement, flexibility, time subsidies, smart working, social and health care services, paid leave for medical visits, nursery schools, reimbursement of expenses for education, check-ups dedicated to maternity. The goal in which we believe very much is ultimately to favor the reconciliation of private life and work and therefore the birth rate “.


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