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2023-05-24 12:26:33

Inearly twenty years ago, the powerful former Minister of Security Moussa Sampil occupied the DER of all paper newspapers at the time: ENEMY N°1 OF THE PRESS. The man was at loggerheads with the journalists of the private written press whom he had arrested like little rabbits and imprisoned as he saw fit in the Coronthie remand center. : Ben Pepito from Lynx, Don Dieu Agossou and Célestin from L’ŒIL and many other former journalists were his victims.

General Lansana Conte, marked by protests and criticism from journalists against Minister Moussa Sampil, ended up dismissing him with a bang and throwing him into the dustbin of history. The man fell from his pedestal and went soft on himself like a wimp. He no longer raised his head in front of the journalists.

The Minister of Telecoms, as it is about him, has not learned the lessons of the past. Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, fierce opponent of the Alpha Condé regime, whom he criticized all the time on radio channels in Conakry, should have been a good example to follow when he left prison, after the reign of the latter. . He should also have been a statesman who was going to defend tooth and nail the rule of law in Guinea, democracy, freedom of the press and of expression. And especially the online press which supported him when he was a simple activist within the Ufdg, stuck between the four walls of a small cell at national security. But unfortunately!

Power has reasons that even reason ignores. It makes unrecognizable, reconverted, transforms certain statesmen to the point of stupidly attracting the wrath of citizens, of society… almost everyone. In reality, Ousmane Gaoual Diallo should have been a shield, a death knell to defend the press and journalists at all costs in the face of a convoluted, contested and now less credible transition.

The failed exit of Ousmane Gaoual Diallo against the Guinean press which made him known to the public, who made this former French banker, at the “pay of 2 thousand euros” month in Paris, (what ingratitude) is more than disappointing, despicable and revolting.

Who said power drives you crazy sometimes?

D. Beck, journalist

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