Ousmane Gaoual Diallo on RFI: denial and confusion

Ousmane Gaoual Diallo on RFI: denial and confusion

On March 20, the government spokesperson was the guest of our colleagues from RFI. Ousmane Gaoual Diallo spoke about Guinean political news. Political dialogue, the ban on demonstrations, killings during political demands…, the defector from the UFDG threw a stone into the pond.

Ousmane Gaoual is still acting up. Passing through France, the government spokesperson took the opportunity to take a look at several hot issues of the moment. Some statements by the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy are struggling to pass. In his words, there is a certain contradiction.

Since May 18, 2022, the CNRD systematically prohibits all “demonstrations on the public highway likely to compromise social tranquility and the correct execution of the activities contained in the chronogram, (…) for the moment until the periods of electoral campaigns “. Whenever the FNDC or other political or social structures want to demonstrate against the current management of the CNRD, the authorities, the town halls first, always remind us that they are prohibited. Human rights organizations, in Guinea and internationally, have repeatedly called for the ban to be lifted. But for Ousmane Gaoual Diallo, these demonstrations are in reality “not prohibited on the whole of the national territory, they are prohibited on part of the territory. Especially on roads that give rise to a lot of violence. For the rest, the political parties continue to act, continue to maintain their activities by criticizing the news, by exchanging with their members”. Can political parties therefore call for demonstrations outside the axes where there is no violence?

On the evening of February 16, the day of the FDNC demonstration, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Mory Condé, appeared on national television to threaten to suspend or permanently withdraw the approvals of political structures that support the FNDC. There too, the government spokesman said that this is not the case: “There were no threats of the dissolution of political parties. However, political parties act in accordance with their charter and the law. When there has been a deviation from the law, when there is a violation of the charter, it goes without saying that there are sanctions which are provided for”.

From 1is June 2022 to the present day, 19 people have been shot dead during political or social demonstrations in Guinea. According to the government spokesperson, their murderers are brought to justice: “The government systematically deplores violence when it leads to victims. It is also taking steps, this is something that should be noted, so that the perpetrators of these murders can be tracked down and brought before the courts of this country. It should be remembered that those who are accused of murdering demonstrators are currently on trial before the courts of Conakry and this is already a step forward. The use of weapons of war is prohibited and it is for this reason that the authors of this use are arrested and brought before the courts”.

There too, the contradiction is flagrant. Under the CNRD era, only one agent of the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) is before bars. This is Chief Warrant Officer Moriba Camara, accused of being the murderer of Thierno Mamadou Diallo, on 1is June 2022, on the sidelines of protests against rising oil prices. As for the other 18 dead, no one has been brought before any court in the country. In the court of Dixinn, it is said that the investigations are still in progress, no more. While the autopsies are not even made public. Worse, the army is now requisitioned at each event. The opportunity for police officers, the gendarmerie or the army, the BATA in particular, to appear without fear with the PMAK. Moreover, a gendarme formally identified with his rifle in the theater of order maintenance at the end of 2022, walked proudly in the streets of Conakry for more than two months. He was arrested and imprisoned at the Conakry Central House only after days of denunciation. The Department of Justice called for his arrest.

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