Out of two comes one Meet – Google unites Google Meet and Google Duo

Google has announced the merger of Google Meet and Google Duo, the company’s two video calling services that have coexisted to date. The Duo app will receive all of Meet’s features until it’s finally rebranded as Google Meet, this will remain Google’s only video calling platform.

The field of online video calls and meetings has had a meteoric rise in popularity during the Corona plague, and quite a few solutions such as Skype, Zoom and more can be found on the market today.

In the case of Google, the company actually offered two competing services, the Google Duo app, designed primarily for mobile as a simple solution for video calls between family members, and Google Meet, designed to be a more advanced solution aimed at the business market as well.

After quite a while that took place in parallel, Google decided that there was no point in having two competing video calling services and would start integrating the various Meet features into Duo, until at some point it would rebrand the Duo as Meet only.

The updated Google Duo app that will become Google Meet (Google Source)
The updated Google Duo app that will become Google Meet (Google Source)

Among the new features from Meet that will come to the new Duo are:

  • Customize virtual backgrounds in video calls and sessions.
  • Schedule video sessions with the option of connecting at a time convenient to all participants.
  • Built-in chat for video meetings.
  • Content sharing during a call to all video call participants.
  • Real-time subtitles in video calls to improve accessibility.
  • Increasing the number of participants in calls from 32 to 100 participants.
  • Integrates with Google’s extensive set of tools including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Assistant and more.

The Google Duo app (Android / iOS) will start receiving Google Meet features in the coming weeks, and then officially change its name to Google Meet.

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