Outbreak of meningitis in Matamoros: Announcement of binational operation

Outbreak of meningitis in Matamoros: Announcement of binational operation

2023-05-19 19:00:53

  • So far the meningitis outbreak in Matamoros has caused 8 infections and one death.
  • Among the affected people there are 5 citizens of Texas who went to two private clinics in the Mexican city to undergo aesthetic procedures.
  • This is the second similar event that occurs in Mexico in less than half a year because at the end of 2022 another outbreak was reported in Durango.

Health in our country is facing a new problem due to the start of a new outbreak of meningitis in Matamoros. It is the second that occurs in less than half a year and has already caused eight infections and one death. Therefore, an investigation immediately began to accurately identify its origin.

In this sense, so far there are two private clinics identified as likely responsible. These are River Side and K-3 located in the border city. Both have already been temporarily suspended while the investigation is carried out.

For its part, what is known is that of the total number of cases that have been reported, three correspond to Mexican citizens, while three are Americans who came to our country for cosmetic procedures.

New announcement for the outbreak of meningitis in Matamoros

As a result of the above, today the Ministry of Health (SSa) published a statement. The objective is to establish various actions in the face of the probable outbreak of infection in the central nervous system (meningitis) associated with neuraxial block in Texans who underwent aesthetic surgical procedures in private medical care units in Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

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In the active search for people possibly affected during surgical procedures, the SSa works on:

  • Establish communication with authorities US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with representation in Mexico. The purpose is to update the complementary information on the characterization of the cases and the follow-up to the investigation of the probable outbreak.
  • Strengthening of active epidemiological surveillance for meningitis in Tamaulipas, with the objective of achieving timely identification.
  • Meetings for the validation of operational definitions proposed by the team of the General Directorate of Epidemiology, together with personnel from the State Health Services of that entity and from the Sanitary Jurisdiction III Matamoros.

All the cases recorded so far present a history of having undergone aesthetic surgical procedures, such as liposuction, placement of breast implants and buttock augmentation, which were performed in two units for private medical care in the city of Matamoros. , Tamaulipas.

Main symptoms of affected people

The present symptom in 100 percent of the cases is headache or headache; followed by syncope, in 80 percent. In addition fever, nausea, vomiting, neck pain and stiff neck in 40 percent.

The Mexican authorities are awaiting updated information on the evolution of the detected cases provided by the county of Texas and the government of Tamaulipas, as well as the CDC of the neighboring country to the north.

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