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14 positive in Stromboli, 11 in Capri. Alert also in Fregene From Otranto to Ponza, the obligation to wear a mask outdoors is back

It was supposed to be an almost “Covid free” summer, thanks to the vaccination campaign that reached 500 thousand doses per day. Instead throughout Italy, mainly due to the Delta variant, outbreaks are multiplying. In hotels and private homes, in clubs and even just in the squares. Effects of the celebrations for the victory at the European football championships, but also nightlife and private parties for hundreds of people. And also in the summer of 2021 the fear of new waves of infections returns, especially among the unvaccinated and among the youngest.

The mayors run for cover and try how they can to stem any contagion situations and so ordinances and new prohibitions arrive in the holiday resorts. The obligation to wear a mask is back, for example. As decided in Otranto and in the sea near Rome, from San Felice Circeo to the island of Ponza, where the respective mayors impose the mask outdoors from 6 pm onwards until the next morning and the stop to the sale of alcohol after 10 pm and closing of all commercial activities at 3 am, “to avoid – explains the mayor of San Felice Circeo Giuseppe Schiboni – exodus from one town to another”. In Campania, the governor Vincenzo De Luca explained, all the events at risk of gathering were canceled, so stop at the concerts of the Giffoni Film Festival, for example, and no to the feast of Sant’Anna in Ischia: “There was a risk of having a wall of 9,000 people on the dock, uncontrollable. Out of 9,000 people you have at least 10% unvaccinated, therefore 900 unvaccinated, and you statistically have 4-500 positives, which would remain unchecked and trigger a chain reaction ».

But such measures risk not being enough. Outbreaks of the infected are increasing day by day everywhere.

A Capri, 11 positive tourists are in isolation in hotels or holiday homes. In the Aeolian Islands, there are already two: one a Stromboli and the other a Salina. On the island of the volcano, 7 Milanese tourists tested positive: they were staying in a private house but the tracking has raised, for now, the positives to 14, including 4 waiters from a restaurant that has been closed. Ten positives also in Salina, where the former president of the traders association Luca Chiofalo tells of “very busy and wild parties around the island”. On the island of Pantelleria few days ago there was an outbreak of about twenty boys after a private party.

A Fiumicino, a town in the province of Rome which also includes the hamlet of Fregene, much loved by the Roman nightlife, the mayor Esterino Montino raises the alarm for the increase in infections passed from 37 to 100 in just 24 hours. “Very high data that must keep us on the alert, the most affected group is around 29 years old”. The number of positives in the Shilling di restaurant has risen to 26 Cheesein (Rome), in Emilia Romagna the infections in the area of Rimini (90 only yesterday): just two days ago the police had to close the Byblos in Rimini and the Malindi in Cattolica, where only dinners with music are allowed, while the customers danced on the tables. The 50 positives, almost all minors, are still in quarantine Guglionesi (Campobasso) after the celebrations for the victory of Italy in football, and the obligation to wear a mask throughout the Municipality. Suspected outbreak also in Garfagnana (Lucca), where, according to the North West Tuscany Local Health Authority, “an anomalous increase in positive cases has been recorded in the Serchio Valley in the 15-25 year age group”. The events at the Drop Club in Pian di Coreglia are under accusation. In the province of Arezzo, in Anghiari, a group of 10 people, including adults and children, tested positive after a spiritual retreat.

Outbreaks also recorded in the mountains. A Sestriere16 children between 11 and 15 of the summer camp are still in solitary confinement in the former Olympic village. On the Dolomiti instead, a hotel a Brentonico (Trento) was closed after the outbreak of 10 boys. Same thing a Mezzan, in Val di Sole, with 5 positive hotel employees. TO Lodrone di Storo (Trento), 9 Bari football players in retirement tested positive. While the Ulss Dolomiti has reported the presence of 4 positives (at the moment) connected to a party in a club in the center of Belluno.

Finally, the red areas in Sicily in Caltabellotta were revoked, Cammarata, Favara, Gela, Mazzarino, Riesi and San Giovanni Gemini after the outbreak of some outbreaks. But the governor Nello Musumeci calls for a sense of responsibility: “We complete the vaccination campaign and take all precautions to avoid a relapse.”

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