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It is the most followed Italian tiktoker in Europe. His profile on Instagram has garnered more acclaim than Chiara Ferragni: about 41 million followers follow him

Appearance in presence under the flashes to celebrate and then post the images on social networks. The kingdom where you have millions of followers. Like Khaby Lame. Here he is in tuxedo on the red carpet of Sunday 5 September 2021 of the Venice Film Festival. The Italian blogger of Senegalese origin is the most followed tiktoker in Europe and has reached 100 million followers, becoming the second in the world.

Khaby Lame., 21, grew up in Piedmont near Chivasso where he still lives with his family today. In addition to star of Tik Tok, Lame on Instagram also managed to surpass a reference figure such as Chiara Ferragni, reaching 40.7 million followers. Khaby was truly brilliant and untroubled in front of the hundreds of photographers in the Lagoon: on the other hand he has become famous for the irony shown in the video which makes fun of the alleged brilliant and complicated actions spread on the web.

Even on the red carpet of the Palazzo del Cinema he made his funny faces, aimed at photographers but also athis millions of followers who follow him daily: for many, the secret of his success is his mimicry. His faces and expressions have become famous around the world. In Venice, having arrived escorted like a real Hollywood star, he obviously allowed himself to take selfies with fans but also with other guests peesenti at the festival such as Madalina Ghenea and Salvatore Esposito.

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