“Over 90% Covid hospitalized are not vaccinated, now school is a hurdle”

“For several days, the flow of Covid accesses to the Gemini first aid it is stable, but we must also say that schools are closed and as we have seen in the UK, where they have already reopened, we expect infections to increase. What makes us optimistic is the high percentage of vaccinations in Lazio. Indeed over 90% of Covid hospitalizations are unvaccinated, and there are also super-elderly people who have highly unstable cadres. “To make the point for time.news Health is Francesco Franceschi, Head of the Emergency Department of the Gemelli University Hospital in Rome. “We have witnessed several convinced no vax that, once we touched the Covid. they have gone back to certain positions“, emphasizes the doctor.

The access situation to the Gemelli Emergency Department “has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels. We are around 70-80% of accesses, but there is an increase in high priority codes and fewer green and white codes”, precise.

We are selling tons of cancer patients, elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer’s – continues Franceschi – consequence of the missed visits and follow-up for Covid. They are seriously decompensated people who are admitted to the ward from the emergency room, but in these cases it is the local medicine that must work and intercept them, try to recover the controls avoiding the flare-up of certain pathologies “.

However, the pandemic has also made people understand the importance of telemedicine. “One of the things we experienced in the emergency room was telemedicine – says Franceschi – We gave many patients who could be treated at home with an oximeter and they were monitored by a continuity center managed by our pulmonologists”.

According to the Gemelli doctor “this is a positive aspect of the Covid emergency, which has opened up new ways of performing that can really make a difference: less space is taken up and therefore there are no gatherings, the patient does not have to move and suffers. local traffic is positive. We really hope that this will continue “.

How do you see autumn just around the corner? “There will be two pandemics”, Franceschi says: “One will concern the unvaccinated and the other the vaccinated. Surely the one that scares us is the first, because the latter are in any case protected and will not develop a serious pathology”.


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