Overbilling, badly performed acts… The excesses of certain dental and ophthalmology centers

At the national level, at the end of 2021, nearly 1,321 dental health centers with significant activity were identified. Credit: Adobe Stock

INVESTIGATION – Their number has exploded in recent years, but so have reports of abusive practices. Between a law aimed at strengthening their supervision and control missions, they are in the sights of the authorities.

«I made an appointment for a routine check-up at a dental health center in Paris. The dentist detected two cavities and offered me a badly reimbursed treatment for an amount of 500 euros“, says Corentin, 29 years old. Surprised by this diagnosis, he went to see two other professionals, a freelance dentist and another dental health center who, for their part, did not detect any cavities. The case of this young thirty-year-old is unfortunately not isolated. Adeline experienced a similar misadventure in a dental health center in the Toulouse region. “The dentist discovered a cavity and offered to pull my tooth. He also encouraged me to perform orthodontic treatment, otherwise I would have dental problems later.“, she explains. When in doubt, she prefers to go a few weeks later to another dentist, who totally invalidates the diagnosis.

If these two patients fortunately did not concretely suffer ill-treatment within the centers they consulted, this was not the case for Catherine, then 55 years old. “They took me away almost all…

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