Overload in electrical system leaves Cassems Hospital without power for 1 hour – Capital

Overload in electrical system leaves Cassems Hospital without power for 1 hour – Capital

2023-09-26 22:47:00

President of Cassems, Ricardo Ayache, stated that the power outage did not cause any loss in service

Service at Cassems Hospital in Campo Grande during the power outage (Photo: Direto das Ruas)

An overload in the electrical system left Cassems Hospital, on Avenida Mato Grosso, without power for around 1 hour on Tuesday afternoon (26). A patient companion who was at the scene contacted the Campo Grande News to say that the place was in darkness. The hospital management reported that there was no impact, and emergency devices were activated to avoid problems.

A 55-year-old public servant, who asked not to be identified, accompanied a family member to the emergency department when the electricity failed. The woman reports that the hospital entrance was full of patients when this happened, but she was unable to specify how many people were there.

It was also said by the public servant that the hospital’s generators worked for some time, but after a certain period the equipment presented problems. To reassure waiting patients, staff went to them and explained the situation.

“Everything stopped. They were even kind, talking to people, explaining, manually doing what they needed and seeing who needed it urgently. It seems that even surgery had to be rescheduled, because they were already experiencing power fluctuations and had to postpone it because they said it posed a risk to patients,” he said.

Hall where patients waited for care (Photo: Direto das Ruas)

For the Campo Grande News, the president of Cassems, Ricardo Ayache stated that the power outage did not cause any damage to service. “We have a generator, batteries, several backup systems to be activated before there is a problem,” he said.

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In a note, the hospital’s press office reported that the problem was caused by an overload in the unit’s electrical system. “It resulted in circuit breakers falling due to high energy consumption. The problem has already been resolved and Cassems Hospital in Campo Grande is operating normally”, the note concluded.

Energisa, the electricity concessionaire, reported that it was called, but the problem at the hospital was internal, the responsibility of the hospital.

At the moment, Energisa reported that there are 11 neighborhoods in Campo Grande with instability in the electricity grid. They are: Santa Fé, Vilas Boas, Vila Nasser, Jardim Los Angeles, Vila Jacy, Monte Castelo, Vila Nova Campo Grande, Santo Amaro, Parque dos Novos Estados, Caranda Bosque and Vila Planalto.

In Dourados, the situation is repeated in the Jardim São Pedro and Jardim Piratininga neighborhoods. In Itaporã, only in Jardim Nova Era. While Corumbá, the neighborhoods of Cristo Redentor, Maria Leite, Popular Nova, Nova Corumbá and Centro are also experiencing instability.

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