Oviedo, transfer factory: 85 additions since promotion

Oviedo, transfer factory: 85 additions since promotion

Coincidentally (or not) the quietest summer that Oviedo has experienced in recent years would later lead to the worst sports season at this stage. It was 2019 and the blue team only signed five players. The drought was seen at that time as something positive that led to the promotion of several Vetusta players. The Lucas, Borja, Jimmy and company. The season ended in agonizing salvation, through covid, with two general directors, two sports directors and three coaches in just one year. Today, a member of the club who is still in the entity, says that “was not the right thing because there was no balance”, but he emphasizes that a project cannot be put together “by signing fifteen players every year”.

At the moment, the blue team has made 85 additions in the last seven seasons. 12 per course since promotion to Second, in 2015. The figure is similar to that of other teams in the category, but the blue team has one special fact: most of the incorporations only spent one season at the club.

With no time to settle for the long term, more than half packed their bags after just one season. In recent seasons (not counting the one that has just ended, with the entire market ahead), only 29% of signings stayed for more than a year. It is one of the anomalies that Oviedo has been trying to correct in recent years. The plan is to create heritage through players who stabilize.

Hence the bets of Rubén Reyes last summer, with contracts of at least two seasons and most of them owned. Borja Bastón, Dani Calvo, David Costas. They are set as an example in the club of what good additions are, although the risk is that there are offers and unforeseen departures.

This year, with Tito Blanco at the helm of operations, the forecasts at the club go through having a short summer, with the fair and necessary signings due to the narrow salary limit that is calculated in the Carbayona entity. The sports director’s priorities are to sign a midfielder, a wide man and a central defender, although there are other positions such as full-backs that should be reinforced based on possible exits. The number of losses will influence the total of the transfers. However, no more than 10 are calculated, below the average of recent years.

Looking back, the course with Fernando Hierro at the head of the team continues to hold the record for additions, with a total of fifteen. Only three of those signings remained at the club, an example of what Oviedo does not want. Last year it was behind in the ranking of summers with the most movement, with 14 new faces counting the two markets. It is the same number as in the 2017/2018 campaign, which stood out for foreign incorporations.

Then comes 2015/2016 with 12, 2018/2018 with eleven, 2019/2020 with 10 and 2020/2021 with 9, most of them on loan.


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