Oviedo’s roadmap after a “successful” market: readjustment of objective and calm with Cervera

Oviedo’s roadmap after a “successful” market: readjustment of objective and calm with Cervera

Beyond the assessment of the squad, the team’s objective, the coach and what the new signings can contribute, Roberto Suárez wanted to explain how Oviedo works after half a year with Pachuca. With papers in hand and in a calculated intervention, the blue sports director, the first named by Jesús Martínez after Tito’s dismissal, repeated one word several times: “Mortgage.”

He did it to analyze the blue method in tune with Mexico. “The Pachuca model is different from the European or the Spanish one, where a sports director does and undoes, economically and sportingly. There is a work group with a lot of participation and decision-making quota, where the president and the general director are. Performance is very defined with the sporting part, regarding the style of play and the players we are looking for.The general manager controls more the economic aspect and the property, with the president and the owner, intervene to ensure that the work proposal is ensured. We all participate, including the coach. We have great support to all go along the same lines and not mortgage the club to the decision of a single person”, said the Grado man in what seemed like an amendment to years ago, when there was a more personal model in decision making. “I am very happy with my share of responsibility in this function. They listen to me, they give me prominence and they support me a lot. Within the work we do, the property has a lot of participation and that is very necessary to avoid tumbling,” said the sports director.

Camarasa, yesterday, in his presentation. | MIKI LOPEZ

With the “method” on the table, Oviedo closed a winter market with five new faces and one evidence, according to the club. “We believe that today the squad is better suited to our coach compared to before the market opened,” said Suárez, highlighting the moderate optimism at Oviedo, especially after the signing of Vallejo. With more quality in the squad, the team’s objective, at least behind the scenes, is to secure permanence and then, if possible, dream of something else. Suárez explained it like this: “We have to continue advancing in improving the defensive and offensive balance. To be in the play-offs we have to go through fifty points, which are those of the theoretical permanence. We have to continue passing stages, there is a lot of equality and to look more up than down you have to be constant. Let’s go with that mentality”.

Suárez insisted several times that all decisions go hand in hand with Cervera. However, regarding the possible renewal of the coach, he was very cautious. He left the door open – the coach ends his contract in June – but he put conditions. “It is being evaluated, but we set deadlines. We value how one party behaves and the other to focus everything. Before talking about contractual issues, we must talk about projects,” he said. Regarding player issues, Suárez had words of affection for Tomeu, who had done it with Tenerife to leave on the last day of the market. Oviedo was waiting for Morro, from Rayo, to replace him, but the Rayista president, Martín Presa, went without answering for hours and did not give time to finalize the operation. “His departure from him did not occur due to other people’s situations, with everything discussed and prepared; I thank Tomeu for his behavior, attitude and understanding of the situation. The paperwork could not be done.”

Suárez stressed in turn that Oviedo is already planning the future. He does it, moreover, with money in cash, since “the salary limit is almost the same as before”, according to Suárez, who assured that “we are already working on the signing of free players and renewals and we are very clear about where we want to go. There are players who are here and who can also stay.” The sports director also did not rule out, if possible, the continuity of Vallejo and Camarasa, on loan. There was also space for the quarry. Suárez confirmed the renewal of Yayo, a subsidiary footballer, highlighted the work of Jaime, Vetusta coach and said that Joan Cruz, a Chilean talent, “is in the process of becoming an Oviedo player, although it is not closed”. The signings, it has been seen, do not stop.

Camarasa, to “enjoy again”

Camarasa had an intense day yesterday. In the morning he trained for the first time under the orders of Cervera in El Requexón. Shortly after, he spoke as a blue player after his signing on the horn on the last day of the market, from Betis. Camarasa, an offensive midfielder, arrives after an ordeal of injuries with a goal. “Competing and, above all, enjoying what I like the most again. That will have an impact on helping the team and we will all go hand in hand,” he explained yesterday at the Tartiere. Camarasa signed for the minimum salary and will charge more depending on his performance. “I have not taken into account the economic factor, I only think about being happy and enjoying myself and my family again. And it is the only thing that matters to me right now,” he assured. The footballer stressed that he is physically well and that his debut will depend on the coach. The outlet explained how he experienced his signing, which closed at midnight, a few minutes after the market dropped the curtain. “My agent called me at the last minute and told me that there was an option for Oviedo and that the coach wanted to talk to me. He told me that he, for his part, would be delighted for me to come and asked me how I was feeling. I come back well, from training with Betis, to help as much as possible. After speaking with Cervera it was a matter of closing paperwork”. Camarasa signed for Oviedo until June and, according to himself, asked two former blue players for references from the entity. “Before coming I spoke with Edgar, who was here two years ago, and also with Mossa, and they gave me good references about the club.”


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