Oyé-Oyé accused of bad intention!

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2023-06-01 12:30:44

On May 31, the trial of Oyé-Oyé Guilavogui, former Minister of Telecoms, continued against the public prosecutor, before the trial chamber of the Court for the repression of economic and financial offenses (Crief). Moussa Keïta, former director of the Guinea Telecommunications Company (Sotel-guigne), maintains that Oyé-Oyé contributed to the failure of the extension and modernization of the said box.

The former minister is being prosecuted for alleged acts of embezzlement of public funds, illicit enrichment and money laundering. The debates revolve precisely around fifty million American dollars lent by Eximbank (China) to Guinea, for the extension and modernization of the mobile telephone network, Sotelgui. Oyé-Oyé Guilavogui would have embezzled part of the loot, believes the public prosecutor. The accused repeatedly denies the charge. He swears, hand on the throbbing, to have never seen the color of money.

The judge, Alhassane Mabinty Camara, once again rejected the request for the release of the former Minister of Telecoms. Moussa Keïta, the director of Sotelgui at the material time, indicates that he was one of the architects of the negotiations to obtain the concessional loan of fifty million Rican dollars from Eximank for Sotelgui. But, according to him, he would have been dismissed from the company as soon as the fund was acquired. “Huawei could only speak to me, but as soon as we were kicked out, the company began to speak to Minister Oye Guilavogui. However, it has neither quality nor mandate, nor skills to manage the project which belongs to Sotelgui. He appropriated the management of the thing, while the ministry is only the guardianship. When someone replaces the owner, it is not to amuse. The former director of Sotelgui maintains that Oyé-Oyé Guilavogui chaired the project management committee, installed after his departure, in place of the management of Sotelgui.

” Bad intention “

The craftsman and (one of the signatories) of the loan agreement, Moussa Keïta declares that if the project had been well executed, “all the telephone companies in Guinea were going to be under our shadow.” The pro-crier, Moustapha Mariame Diallo, believes that Oyé-Oyé Guilavogui drove out Moussa Keïta to be able to seize the chinnetoque loan, by establishing a management committee in place of the General Management of Sotelgui. Le Moussant Kéïta indicates that “it is the bad intention” of Oyé-Oyé which would have led to the closure of Sotelgui. However, he “does not confirm nor deny” that Minister Oyé-Oyé Guilavogui allegedly embezzled the 50 million American dollars. According to him, the State owes society fifty-seven billion sliding francs. And to add that the 1,608 workers received their last salary in 2013. However, according to him, the accounts of the company lodged at the Central Bank indicate that the salaries of the workers are transferred until 2015. Thus, the former dirlo invites the court to seize the social aspect of the Sotel-guigne, also to inquire about the fate reserved for the twelve teufteufs of the company.

Me Babin Camara, of the civil party (judicial agent of the State), wants to know if Oyé-Oyé Guilavogui let Huawei do with Sotelgui what it wants. “He is not a technician, he does not know. Huawei installed the equipment when the Sotelgui was already closed. Did he have control over the company, questions Me Babin Camara. “It’s clear. If we even take babysitting, what is left to take? »

The defense rejects the accusations of the former director of Sotelgui and argues that he accuses his client because of his departure from the company.

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