Pa, smart working in the contract. Draghi and Brunetta sign the reform

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A Pact to strengthen the Public Administration, also in view of the opportunity offered by the 191.5 billion National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The “Pact for the innovation of public work and social cohesion” was signed today at Palazzo Chigi by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, together with the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, and the general secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL . «The pact is an event of great importance, but it is the first step – underlined Draghi – Much, almost everything remains to be done. The hope is that we will be able to keep the promises of this plan. During the consultations – he added – I was able to express how much I care about this confrontation and this dialogue, today is the first opportunity to meet ».

“This pact – explained Brunetta – inaugurates a new season of trade union relations and the negotiation that opens for the contract renewal will take place in this context. On Friday I will convene all the trade union confederations representing the public sector with the aim of starting the negotiations in time. short. It is the best sign for us to restart. A good contract is an investment in mutual trust, stability and the innovative nature of working relationships “.

The “Pact for the innovation of public work and social cohesion” is aimed at building a new work model based on the enhancement of people, the growth of skills, productivity and the quality of services as anticipated by the Minister of the Pa Renato Brunetta who has ensured a convocation of the trade unions “shortly” to start the round of contract renewals.

An element that characterizes the plan, reads a note from Palazzo Chigi, “is the organizational flexibility of the Public Administrations and the increase in their speed of action as fundamental objectives of a renewal process that the parties undertake to pursue, with particular reference to three dimensions: work, organization and technology “. In particular, “the identification of a discipline of agile work (smart working) by contract is a qualifying element of this strategy and goes in the direction desired by the trade unions since the beginning of the pandemic crisis”.

The Pact, the note continues, “affirms that every public employee must have a subjective right / duty to continuous training, in order to be the real protagonist of the change”.

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