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twelve o’clock, June 13, 2021 – 08:59

So he turned for me into a heroic figure and the pacifier turns you into a devotion

of Erri De Luca

Others had zebras, bulls and wolves as heraldic symbols. A long time ago I wondered why Napoli’s football motif was the vilified donkey.

Pacifier, do you was the motto of a resigned incitement.

At school he marked the poorest pupils. Collodi with Pinocchio and Lucignolo had achieved the definitive metamorphosis from schoolboy to donkey.

Thirty-three plagues and ‘a tail frceta was the description of the miserable and mythical pacifier’ e Fichella.

Plus I was also born in May, the month when donkeys bray. ‘O pacifier you matched to my fate.

It took me some good time to redeem the image of the animal.

On a dirt road in Bosnia at war I heard the excruciating call of a donkey. It reached the depths of my nerves, where it had always been. It gave me two tears and an instinct to rush to help. It lasted an eternal minute.

Not the whistle that precedes the explosion of the grenade: the sound of that war remained stuck in the ears of the bray of an invisible donkey among the cherry trees of a minefield.

I read in the scripture that the donkey, not the horse, was the royal mount. Jesus enters Jerusalem for his last Passover feast on the back of an atn, acclaimed by the crowd for this very reason.

So slowly the pacifier is transformed for me into a heroic figure and the pacifier makes you into a devotion.

June 13, 2021 | 08:59



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