‘Padakali Chandi Chankari Porkali ..’; Bitch lights lit with melody

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ComAshoka in Thaiparambil and Appukuttan in Arasummoottil fighting bravely in front of Nthosh Sivan’s camera. There were screams, bangs, screams and gestures all over the place. Director Sangeeth Sivan forgets to even say the cut and watches the drama unfold. Doubles of a war song in the air: Padakali Chandichankari. Written by AR Rahman and written by Bichu Thirumala, this song is one of the all time super hits in Malayalam.

Although the song is very popular, Bichuthirumala once opened up about the misunderstanding of the lyrics and the birth of the song in an interview.

‘When Sangeeth Sivan narrated the context of the song at Rahman’s studio in Chennai, the image of Bhadrakali suddenly came to mind. A song praising the goddess in the form of Raudra seemed to fit the occasion. There was no opposition to the music either. The book ‘Before the Great Temples’ by the great poet Nalangal helped me at that stage. Synonyms of the Goddess like Padakali, Porkali, Chandi and Margini come to mind one by one. No one can expect deep ideas as it is a comedy song. However, it was imperative that the terms used were not meaningless. The words associated with worship are mostly paramelam, chenda, chenkila and dhim tudi maddalam in the song ‘.

Even the new generation enjoys that song. Bichu still enjoys listening to ‘Padakali’ regularly on stage and in reality shows. Sadness is only one thing: ” I remember Porkali and Margini in the song. Instead came Pokkiri and Makiri. Most people now sing Padakali Chandichankari Pokkiri Makiri. ” Padakali means Bhadrakali and Chandi means Bhadrakali. Now Shankari or Shankari means the wife of Shankara, that is, Lord Shiva. Porkali means one who jumps in battle. Margani is the one who gives guidance. These are all synonyms for Goddess. But it all turned out to be a hoax.

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Bichu Thirumala has said that there is an interesting story behind the songs ‘Tadiya’ and ‘Podiya’.

On All India Radio, his friends MG Radhakrishnan and Udayabhanu jokingly called each other ‘Tadiya Podiya’. These two words were added to the melody according to the context of the song.

Even for today’s generation, those songs are memorized. The words that seem so simple to us are that he used them very appropriately.


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