Paid Netflix account sharing: this exception provided by the American giant

Paid Netflix account sharing: this exception provided by the American giant

2023-05-26 14:30:54

What would a rule be without its exception? The Netflix streaming platform implemented a big change on Tuesday: users must now pay extra to share their access codes with people outside their household.

In an email sent to all those concerned, the service specifies that each account is only intended for the subscriber and “people who live with” him. A choice is therefore offered to those who share access, pay an additional 5.99 euros per additional user outside the household or transfer the profile of a person outside the household who will have to subscribe to his own subscription but will thus keep his preferences.

Shared custody or second home

The day after this big announcement, Netflix clarified with BFM TV that an exception existed. It was especially designed for children in joint custody or owners of second homes. Depending on the platform, if two networks – and therefore two IP addresses – are regularly used to connect to the same account, there is no need to pay the supplement. They will be considered as part of one and the same household.

This exception also applies to mobile devices (telephones, tablets), which can connect to two different wifi networks while being associated with a single account. But be careful, in this specific case, you must regularly connect your devices to each of the networks associated with the user, otherwise your account will be blocked on one of them. At first, Netflix had mentioned the maximum duration of 31 days before going back and specifying that the service did not wish to communicate on the subject.

During the test carried out last summer in several Latin American countries, the platform planned to charge as an additional account any connection (even regular, therefore) outside the main residence.

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