Pain recovery by releasing stress and tension

News report by: Wendy Lodewijk

MIERLO | Many people suffer from (long-term) complaints such as back pain, neck and shoulder complaints, migraine, radiating pain to limbs, stomach and intestinal complaints, burnout complaints or lack of energy. Often there is a common cause: locked muscle tension due to excessive stress, which arises from physical, mental or chemical overload. This pinned muscle tension affects the nervous system, so that communication to and from the brain is no longer optimal and thus undermines the body’s self-healing capacity. The result is that your body can no longer function properly and all kinds of complaints and discomforts arise.

BSR training

Dirk Weyhenke specializes in this BSR technique and has been running his own practice in Mierlo since February 1, 2020. Persistent back and neck problems eventually brought him into contact with Body Stress Release. Dirk was so impressed by the results that he wanted to learn it himself. For this he followed a special training in South Africa, where this technique was developed.

Method and results

“I give small impulses in a pattern, with which I activate the body to release the tension layer by layer, in order to give the nerves free rein again. The whole body is treated, not just the place of the complaint. I meet people who have been struggling with back problems for years and after a series of treatments leave the door complaints-free, or who experience significantly reduced pain complaints and that makes me very happy. Just like you take care of your car, it’s also important to take care of your body and listen to it.” Everyone can benefit from BSR, from young to old, pregnant women who suffer from pelvic instability and also people with office jobs or with heavy physical work. Even babies can benefit from BSR, for example if they cry a lot or overstretch.

Start with three treatments

Body Stress Release is a process of release and recovery that always starts with three treatments. After a careful intake regarding current complaints, the first treatment takes place. Follow-up treatments are scheduled on the 4th and 11th day. During treatment, you simply keep your clothes and shoes on. The result of the treatment differs per individual and depends, among other things, on how long the tension has been there. The treatment couch has a tilting system that makes it easier to get on.


A treatment for adults will cost 60 euros from 1 January 2022. Children pay less. A number of health insurers reimburse the treatments from the additional health insurance. Always check whether this applies in your case at Are you curious about what Body Stress Release can do for you? Check out the website or contact us at [email protected].

Body Stress Release Mierlo is a member of the professional association BSRAN and a member of the VBAG.

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