Pakapaka receives 12! nominations at the comKids Festival

Pakapaka receives 12!  nominations at the comKids Festival

2023-06-10 17:59:35

The children’s channel Pakapaka received 12 nominations in the 14th. edition of the comKids Festival, in which the series Petit y The Motorjón were finalists in the Fiction category up to 6 years old, loves ranked in that category for nonfiction, and Polynopolis y dreamersreceived mentions in the category fiction from 7 to 10 years.

Meanwhile, in the non-fiction category from 7 to 10 years old, the series were designated Invent Pakapaka Question y Zamba’s amazing excursion; special identity. The category Short Contents from 6 to 9 years had nominations for Hugs, grandmothers, earth poemsy I want to know, and you?.

The Festival that celebrates quality children’s audiovisual production made in Spanish and Portuguese will take place from August 7 to 13 in São Paulo, Brazil, and will have competitive screenings, workshops and talks, and will also include training, dissemination and professional updating.

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the animated comedy Polynopolisone of the nominees, narrates typical childhood experiences through satire and humor with funny and supernatural stories starring a group of friends who live in a strange and wonderful city with haunted architecture and spooky legends.

Another of the candidates is the animated series dreamers, inspired by the homonymous song by the Spanish composer and singer Albert Plá and by the illustrations by Liniers. In a context of imagination and poetry, each chapter addresses typical childhood conflicts and the ways in which they are moved through and resolved through their dreams.

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In Invent Pakapaka Questiona group of boys meet relevant people from culture, sports, the media and politics and interview them to learn about their origins, trajectories, what they think, question and yearn for.

In the case of “The amazing excursion of Zamba; Especial Identidad” is a microprogram that is inserted in a saga that, with different formats, addresses the issue of identity through the figures of the animated characters of Zamba and Nina.

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