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Lahore: If you want to buy a buffalo with symptoms in Pakistan, you have to pay more than a lion. If you ask how much it will be, the answer is ready. The lions of the Lahore Safari Zoo have been put up for sale at such a lucrative price. The zoo authorities have priced only fifty thousand rupees for Mrigarajan. One and a half lakh should be paid in Pak currency. Meanwhile, if you want a good buffalo, you have to pay at least 1.17 lakh rupees in Pakistan (350,000 in Pakistani currency).

Lahore Safari Zoo has decided to sell 12 of its lions. These will be sold early next month. The lions are sold to raise money to care for other animals in the zoo. Apart from this, a huge amount of money has to be spent to maintain the lions. A lion eats eight to nine kilograms of meat per day. Last year too, the Safari Zoo had sold 14 lions to Pakistani nationals due to space constraints.


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