Pala St. Mary’s GHSS with 1st position in Science Still Model: Nattu Visesham

Pala St. Mary’s GHSS wins first place in Science Still Model

Saturday, November 12, 2022 12:03 AM IST

Koothatkulam: State level through Click Chemistry for Cancer Treatment Pala St. Mary’s GHSS won first place in Science Still Model Students. A still image of an unprecedented discovery in the field of cancer treatment Pala St. Mary’s GHSS students Richu Jobet and Niranja Na Ratheesh introduced himself and became the first.
This is a treatment method that protects non-cancerous cells. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells and more. When implanted, this new treatment method only targets cancer cells. He won worldwide acclaim. Anti-body drug conjugate is used for this. .

Chemistry foundation honors Nobel laureates Maki presented a still scene. They are 10th class students who won first position at the district level as well. Teacher Joshmi John led their efforts.
Employees of Kakoor Co-operative Bank in Thirumaradi Niranjana CR Niranjana is the daughter of Ratheesh Kumar and Anju. Aruvitura St. George HSS Principal Jobet Thomas-Ra Richu is the daughter of G Joseph couple.


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