Palestinian terrorism puts Israel on high alert: reinforced settlements and weapons for civilians

Palestinian terrorism puts Israel on high alert: reinforced settlements and weapons for civilians

The three attacks perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem in less than 24 hours have forced Israel decrees a state of maximum alert. At least seven Israelis have died and another ten have been injured, for which the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu has taken various measures in response to the attacks. As he has communicated through the social network Twitter, they are intended to “combat terrorism and exact a price from terrorists and their supporters”.

The two main measures are the reinforcement of the settlements and the request that the Israeli Government has made to its citizens so that they have a weapons license, training to use them and let them be armed so you can use them when needed. To this end, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that his Executive “will add thousands of citizens carrying weapons through the acceleration and expansion of the granting of firearms licenses”, but at the same time he asked the Israelis not to do justice by his own hand.

The Netanyahu Administration will also strengthen the country’s police and military forces, has warned that it will allow it, if necessary for the safety of the population “large scale” arrests in addition to “selective operations to collect illegal weapons.”

In addition, in response to the attacks “and the joyous celebrations that followed”, the prime minister has decided to “strengthen the settlements that will be introduced this week”.

The Government of Israel has also decided immediately demolish the house of the author of the attack that left seven Israelis dead in a Jerusalem synagogue. Until the time for demolition arrives, the house has been sealed so that no one can access it.

Likewise, Netanyahu has announced a series of measures aimed at the relatives of the terrorists. In this way, from now on, the rights to social security and other health benefits will be denied to the relatives of the terrorists who support the attacks. Also, he has communicated the denial of identity documents for relatives of terrorists to support their causes, a law that Netanyahu has indicated will be discussed this Sunday at a cabinet meeting.


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