Palm Sunday, the Pope: “Pandemic? Shocked in 2020, now tried”

“We have entered Holy Week. For the second time – said the Pontiff – we are living it in the context of the pandemic. Last year we were more shocked, this year we are more tried. And the economic crisis has become heavy”. Thus Pope Francis before introducing the Angelus

In this historical and social situation, what does God do? He takes the cross. Jesus takes the cross, that is, he takes on the evil that this reality entails, physical, psychological and above all spiritual evil, because the Evil One takes advantage of the crises to sow mistrust , despair and discord, “he added.

“What about us? What must we do? The Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus who is also his first disciple, shows us this. She followed her Son. She took upon herself her own share of suffering, of darkness, of bewilderment and walked the path of passion keeping the lamp of faith burning in the heart. With the grace of God, we too can make this journey “.

Indonesia, Pope: “We pray for the victims of violence”

“We pray for all the victims of violence, especially those of the attack that took place this morning in Indonesia, in front of the Makassar Cathedral”. Thus Pope Francis, in introducing the Angelus.

Palm Sunday, Pope: “No to faith worn out by habits and worldly admiration”

“In this Holy Week, let us look up to the cross to receive the grace of amazement”, “we need to start afresh from amazement” and let go of “worldly admiration”. Thus Pope Francis during the homily for the Palm Sunday mass.

“St. Francis of Assisi, looking at the Crucifix, was amazed that his friars did not cry. And we still manage – he stressed – to let ourselves be moved by the love of God? Why do we no longer know how to be amazed in front of him? Perhaps because the our faith has been worn down by habit. Perhaps because we remain closed in our regrets and allow ourselves to be paralyzed by our dissatisfactions. Perhaps because we have lost faith in everything and even believe we are wrong. But behind these ‘maybe’ is the fact that we are not open to the gift of the Spirit, who is the One who gives us the grace of amazement “.

“Let’s start again with astonishment; let’s look at the Crucifix and let’s say to him: ‘Lord, how much you love me! How precious I am to you!'”, The Pope added. “Let us be amazed by Jesus to return to life, because the greatness of life does not lie in the ‘having and affirming oneself, but in discovering oneself loved. And in the beauty of loving “.

Holy Week, Pope: “In the Crucifix we see God humiliated”

“In the Crucifix we see God humiliated the Almighty reduced to waste. And with the grace of amazement we understand that by welcoming those who are rejected, by approaching those who are humiliated by life, we love Jesus: because He is there, in the last, in the rejected”. Thus Pope Francis in the homily of the mass for Palm Sunday. “Under the cross one can no longer misunderstand: God has revealed himself and reigns only with the disarmed and disarming power of love. Today God still amazes our minds and hearts. pervade, let us look at the Crucifix and let us also say: ‘You are truly the Son of God. You are my God’ “.


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