PAN, PRI and PRD endorse letter of intent | Tijuana News

PAN, PRI and PRD endorse letter of intent |  Tijuana News

2023-09-23 02:34:54

ROSARITO.- State party leaders PAN, PRI and PRD were in Rosarito to endorse the signing of the letter of intent and form an alliance between these political organizations, which they hope will also be joined by the PES y Citizen Movement (MC).

In a press conference, the state leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Mario Osuna Jiménez, He stated that this is the first time in the 84 years since the party was founded, in which its members will not elect their candidate in the 2024 election process since we are experiencing a historic moment, in which the allied parties opened the door to citizen participation.

He said that citizens’ complaints have been heard and that is why Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, leads the defense of Broad Front for Mexico, where everyone has a place to defend institutions and democracy.

At the same time, Guadalupe Gutiérrez Fregosoleader of AT in Baja Californiaexplained that this alliance represents not only the political parties that comprise it, but also citizen organizations that have joined the cause.

He stated that The federal electoral process began on September 7, but locally it will start in the last week of November and for the first time, citizens who go to the polls will have in their possession five ballots to elect the president of the nation, federal deputies, senators, mayors and local deputies.

Furthermore, on this occasion Baja California increased from 8 to 9 federal districts, in which work will be done so that the opposition parties can position themselves.

For its part, Omar Sarabia Esparzaleader of PRD in the State, pointed out that the next electoral process will be key for the direction of life of Mexicans since there are only two options, continue with the same or recover the institutions.

The leaders agreed separately that They are still seeking to make alliances with other political parties and that there is enough time to reach agreements, because in the end the objective is the same, to save Mexico.

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