pandavar illam episode pandavarillam serial cast: Do the fans of ‘Pandavar Illam’ serial know this?

The Pandavar Illam serial has the largest fan base among the serials aired on Sun TV. Here’s how the 5 daughters – in – law of the online Pandava house of this serial, who tell the importance of the joint family, lead this family responsibly. The cast and crew of this series have a huge fan base. Their characters like Kayal, Revathi, Honey Language are much loved by housewives. This is the main reason for the success of this serial.

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This is why this serial is making such a mega record. Sun TV has put an end to many serials launched after the Pandavar Illam serial. But the Ponder House serial continues to air on prime timing. As well as the actor who was at the beginning of this serial, the actresses continue to act. According to the story, Rasu is currently at the house of Teacher Maheshwari. Rasu Pandava, angry with Revathi, leaves the house.

Now Revathi has come to Kayal Honey Language and is pretending to apologize. But no one believes this. The story of the serial is going on like this and the Pandava house has done a great feat without the serial noise. That means the serial has aired over 800 episodes and continues to air. This information is currently published on the Internet. Definitely the serial team, the actor, the actresses are all responsible for this success. Thus the fans have been saying their congratulations to the Pandavar Illam serial team.

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